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Watersolve International specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality water treatment systems to meet virtually any water purification requirement. Many years of experience with design and manufacture of water treatment systems enables Watersolve to produce durable equipment that performs well in application.

Traditional applications for Watersolve's equipment include purification of potable water supplies, industrial process water preparation, ultrapure water production, including pharmaceutical and microelectronics applications, bottled water production, desalination of sea water, and waste water purification.

Watersolve manufactures standard pieces of equipment that can be applied in various situations and customized integrated systems for specific water purification applications.

The water treatment system design process requires a complete understanding of influent water chemistry and effluent quality requirements. Advanced computer modeling is used to determine proper system design and layout.

Manufacturing is performed with great attention to detail. Only the highest quality components are used, resulting in excellent system performance and durability. These qualities provide long term cost effectiveness to all our water purification equipment.

Membrane separation is the cornerstone technology used in most Watersolve treatment systems. Watersolve offers a variety of spiral-wound membrane types and system operating pressures to treat fresh, brackish, waste, or sea water at virtually any required flow rate.

In addition to spiral-wound membrane separation, Watersolve offers complete lines of media, cartridge and hollow-fiber filtration, ozonation, ultraviolet irradiation, chemical injection, and ion exchange systems, including E-Cell continuous electrodeionization (EDI) to meet virtually any water purification requirement. With technologies combined in fully automatic, integrated treatment systems, Watersolve is capable of successfully treating virtually any water supply to meet the customer's treated water specifications.

Watersolve's continuous research activities ensure that our standard and custom designed treatment systems incorporate only the most reliable, state of the art features and components.

Based on our quality assurance programs, which include thorough inspection and testing of every piece of equipment before leaving the factory, Watersolve guarantees the quality, durability, and performance of its treatment systems.


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