Point of use device which services an individual tool in an advanced microchip fab.  The system was designed to reduce the frequency of wafer loss resulting from several unique contaminants remaining within the facility’s high purity, process water loop. 


Feed water is supplied to the high purity point of use treatment system from the facility’s high purity water supply loop.  All wetted surfaces of the high purity point of use treatment system other than the pressure boosting pump and the TOC-reducing ultraviolet unit (both upstream of a resin bed) are fabricated of PVDF. 


After inlet pressure is boosted, flow is conveyed to a TOC-reducing ultraviolet unit.  Following the UV unit, flow is conveyed to a membrane degassifier served by a nitrogen purge.  Following degassification, flow is conveyed to a PVDF-lined pressure vessel containing a specialty, high-purity resin for final polishing of the water supply.  Following the resin bed, flow travels through twin cartridge filter housings plumbed in parallel and fitted with .04 micron PVDF filter cartridges. 

Flow throughout the system is controlled with diaphragm valves and monitored by a PVDF vortex flow meter.  Resistivity and temperature are monitored using a Thornton 200CR device with PVDF probe.  Pressure is monitored throughout the system using 1% full scale accuracy stainless steel gauges isolated from water flow by PVDF gauge isolators. 


Fully-integrated, skid-mounted, high purity water treatment system for use in a critical parts cleaning application serving the microelectronics industry.  The treatment system includes cartridge pre-filtration, softening, dechlorination, UV disinfection, reverse osmosis, RO/DI storage with nitrogen blanket, mixed bed deionization (manifold pictured, deionization units not pictured), TOC destruction (185 nm UV), disinfection (254 nm UV), and final filtration.  On-skid loop piping is of high purity PVDF and includes PVDF flow control valves and PVDF vortex flow meter.  The treatment system skid/frame is constructed of corrosion-proof structural fiberglass material joined with stainless steel fasteners.



Single pass, two stage reverse osmosis processor with mixed bed deionization units. The treatment system includes activated carbon, cartridge pre-filtration, stainless steel vertical multistage RO pumps (two in series), side-ported FRP pressure vessels, spiral-wound TFC membrane elements, storage tank with non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor (not pictured), repressurization pumps (not pictured), mixed bed deionization beds with regenerable semiconductor grade resin, resin trap cartridges, facility loop piping with return to the storage tank (not pictured) and PLC control. 

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