Integrated Systems

Watersolve specializes in custom, integrated treatment systems designed and manufactured to address the customer's site-specific water treatment requirements. Please see the Water Treatment Application Survey Form to identify relevant parameters for custom designed treatment systems.

The system pictured is a large, fully automatic water treatment plant designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by Watersolve International, LLC.  The water treatment system produces high purity boiler feed water from an industrial waste water source.  Depending upon feed water supply characteristics, the treatment plant can produce up to 100 gallons per minute of deionized water.  Treatment processes include air stripping, chemical injection, pH control, carbon filtration, multi-media filtration, hollow-fiber ultrafiltration, two pass (product staged) reverse osmosis, and continuous electrodeionization for final polishing.  Backwash and/or integral cleaning and flushing systems are provided with each unit operation.  The treatment plant is controlled by a single, fully integrated PLC system.  The treatment system is monitored and controlled locally using a touch-screen computer providing simplified graphical display of all system operations.  The treatment system can also be monitored and controlled by remote computer via modem interface.  A drawing of the system is provided due to system size.      


HCRO-86 EC+ (Bottling System)

Electronically controlled and monitored bottling plant, featuring backwashing filtration, Teflon coil UV disinfection, cartridge filtration, reverse osmosis processing, permeate storage, ozonation, and repressurization.

HCRO-89+ (Filtration & RO)

Electronically controlled and monitored industrial boiler pre-treatment system, featuring backwashing filtration and reverse osmosis processing.

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