Ozonation is a treatment process which involves the introduction of ozone gas, an extremely powerful oxidizing and disinfecting agent, into a water supply.  Ozone gas is a rather unstable and short-lived compound which is produced from oxygen molecules exposed to high voltage at high frequency.  In the ozone oxidation reaction, one or more oxygen molecules split from the unstable ozone compound and react with the target compound, with the unused oxygen molecule(s) released as molecular oxygen.  In addition to the oxidation of organic compounds, ozone serves as a very powerful disinfectant.  Disinfection occurs as ozone attacks and ruptures the protective cell wall of bacteria, fungi and viruses.  Ozone is considered an excellent oxidizer and disinfecting agent because it is both very powerful and reverts to oxygen, a benign by-product.   



Industrial ozone system for disinfection/oxidation applications. System features include appropriate, ozone-resistant materials of construction (fiberglass, Teflon, Kynar, vinylester, stainless steel and PVC), oxygen concentration (air feed also available), on-line ORP monitoring, ozone resistant contact tank, and motorized ball valve assembly for service, backwash and rinse flow control through media filters (not pictured).




Complete commercial ozone package. System features stainless steel piping and components throughout, including stainless steel isolation valves, check valve, wye strainer, vertical multistage pump, electronic flow sensor with panel display, cartridge filter and housing, pressure gauges and contact chamber. The ozone generator is rated to produce approximately 0.52 grams/hour. Other system features include dual Kynar check valves and stainless steel liquid drain on the stainless steel ozone gas line, Kynar venturi, and stainless steel ozone gas vent with ozone gas destruct chamber.


Ozone Module

High quality custom ozone systems for industrial and commercial applications, including oxidation/filtration, general disinfection, and bottling systems.


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