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The treatment system pictured is an advanced, fully automated, skid-mounted package producing water which exceeds purified water standards for pharmaceutical applications developed by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP 24).   The USP 24 treatment system incorporates a twin train, backwashing, hollow-fiber ultrafiltration system, a twin train softening system, high intensity UV for chlorine destruction, cartridge filtration, reverse osmosis, UV TOC reduction, membrane degassification, and continuous electrodeionization (EDI).  The treatment package includes a dedicated backwash and cleaning system for the ultrafiltration unit, a softener backwash and brining system, a dedicated cleaning and permeate flush system for the RO unit, and a dedicated cleaning and sanitizing system for the electrodeionization unit.  All high purity conveyance systems including loop storage, repressurization pumps and piping are constructed of sanitary stainless steel.  The high purity loop includes an ozone sanitization system, UV for TOC reduction, and UV for microbial control.    


All aspects of treatment system and loop operations are fully automated, including normal service, ultrafiltration backwash, softener regeneration, RO cleaning and flushing, and electrodeionization operations, cleaning and sanitization.  Automation is facilitated by electronic sensors located appropriately throughout the treatment system which send relevant operational data to the system’s programmable logic controller (PLC).  The PLC manages all aspects of treatment system operations without the need for full-time operator supervision.  All operating data from the integrated treatment system, including on-line product water quality data, is continuously displayed on a centrally located, touch screen computer which provides the system operator with a real-time graphical display of all system operating conditions.  In addition to display of product water quality, system operating parameters and treatment unit status, the touch screen display advises the operator of any warning conditions and any automated shut-down conditions. 


The integrated USP system include continuous on-line monitoring at appropriate locations throughout the system for key USP quality requirements including conductivity and TOC.  For enhanced system performance, all pumps incorporate variable frequency drives allowing for “soft-start” as well as adjustment and tuning of pump speed during system operations, backwash, and cleaning/sanitization to optimize system performance.  Treatment skids are constructed of a unique, corrosion-proof structural fiberglass material, providing the ultimate in long-term performance. 


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